About Us

"Satenkar LLC" company known as Melante was established in 2002. During all the years of business our company has managed to find a unique place in the Armenian Knitwear manufacturing industry. Our company uses modern technology which helps the company to make various styles. We work with different companies who print graphic designs on provided fabric. Melante also manufactures uniforms for different companies. We provide our customers the best quality of goods with exceptional construction of each clothing. We produce 500 products which is designed for man, woman, children and infants. Each item is made from the best cotton fabric. We dye each fabric using ecofriendly dyes. The biggest achievement for Melante is the fact that we use only 100% high quality ecologically pure cotton fabrics. After having undergoing special testing our fabrics maintain its quality over course of time and the fabric color doesn’t fade. We make sure that we provide the best products for our clients with exceptional quality. Melante products are available in different stores in Yerevan, Stepanakert and also in many other non official stores around Armenia.