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About Us
The «Satenkar LLC representing the Melante label, was founded in 2002. During all the years of this functioning our company has managed to find is unique place at the Armenian knitted fabric market.
Offering the customers high-quality production,we preserve all the production quality criteria. Our products (more than 60 various products) are meant for all the members of the family.We consider one of our acluievements to be the fact that our whole assotment is made of 100 % high quality ecologically pure and tough cotton fabrics,which makes it switable for wearing during all the seasons of the year.
After having undergone special processing , our fabrics not only preserve their qualitative criteria in the course of time, but also their colour shades. The technically perfectly insured production gives an opportunity to refresh freguently our varienty of goods and to present ourselves with new colours and new models. 
During the processing of the new models the latest designer processing trends present in the field of knitted fabric are being taken info consideration as well as the demands put forward by the consumers. You can acguine our assortment in different shops of Yerevan city as well as in our own shop.
Address               Yerevan, Armenia   Lepsius 2nd st., 9